Outreach and broader impacts


  • Oct. 2021. We have been distributing the M-Cube software radio to the research community and industry partners, through free equipment loans and paid fabrication services. As of Oct. 2021, 9 research institutions in the US and EU are using M-Cube in their mmWave sensing, communication, and networking projects. 5 other requisition requests are under processing.
  • Sep. 2021. We are starting a new collaboration project with pSemi to develop a 28 GHz software radio platform, using the M-Cube RFSoC module as a baseband processing unit.
  • July 2021. We have open-sourced the MVDNet dataset and model implementation (https://github.com/qiank10/MVDNet). MVDNet dataset represents the first radar-lidar dataset with accurate vehicle labels.
  • June 2021. 4 undergraduate students and 2 MS students are participating in the FPGA development of M-Cube this summer. They are partly supported by the Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) at UCSD.
  • June 2021. We are setting up a collaboration project with Keysight and Safe Dynamics, and using our 3D ray tracing framework to reassure the RF safety of 5G mmWave networks.
  • Jan. 2021. We are collaborating with Samsung Research America to develop the RFSoC wideband processing unit for M-Cube.


  • Nov. 2020. We have demonstrated M-Cube to prominent industry representatives attending the annual review at the Center for Wireless Communications at UCSD.
  • Oct. 2020. M-Cube received the Best Paper Award at ACM MobiCom ’20 .
  • Sep. 2020. We are demonstrating our M-Cube platform in the upcoming ACM MobiCom ’20
  • Aug. 2020. A first version of our 3D ray tracing code and data has been released. Check our project page for details.
  • Aug. 2020. First batch of M-Cube fabrication and assembly is done. We are distributing the units to other research institutions in the form of equipment transfer.
  • June 2020. 2 undergraduate students and 1 MS students are participating in the FPGA development for M-Cube. One of the undergraduate students is continuing towards the MS program at UCSD.